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Style Features

Pure beauty is perfect website template for everyone in the beauty industry. This includes hair dressers, barbers, makeup artists and beauticians. To set up this website to match your taste is as easy as abcd. There is no doubt this website template is extremely awesome.


Some of the design Features

  • Have the option on managing all your saloon booking with our clever Appointment.
  • The website uses the latest in technology
  • Has unlimited Style to suite any aspiration
  • You have access to our superior SMS marketing online system  to keep in touch with your customers by text messaging.
  • No need for a mobile App to see it on mobile devices. Our websites are designed to be Responsive. What does that mean: our site can detect what device your client is viewing your website and respond by sending the necessary elements to fit into the customer device.
  • You will be able to contact your customers via the website by email to confirm appointment or to offer a marketing promotion.
  • It enables you to keep your customer close to your business with the Blog section in your site.

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